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All You Need to Know About Property Management in Seattle

10/3/17 4:49 AM / by Admin

Are you an owner of a rental property in Seattle? Or are you maybe planning to invest in real estate in Seattle area?


The first thing you need to do before investing is to get a clear understanding of what property management is and why we’re one of the top-rated property management companies in Seattle.


Here are some of the insights and key elements that you need to know:

Property Management in Seattle is Time-Consuming


Seattle is one of the best real estate hot spots in the country, which makes the expectations of both tenants and owners high. As a result, Seattle property management can be expensive and time-consuming too. The owner should have sufficient time and resources to meet the demands of tenants. The owner also needs to be well equipped and educated to satisfy the requirements of each of their residents.


High Competition

Compared to all other cities in the country, property management in Seattle is highly competitive. The real estate market of Seattle has already caught the eye of many property owners from all over the country, and everyone is struggling to get a grasp of the booming market. Property owners should hire an investor minded property management firm, such as Fresh Look Management, as soon as they can.  Successful property investors understand the value of their time & can quickly calcuate the return when their time is spent sourcing, analyzing, and aquiring addtional properties.  READ: Not responding to tenant requests, coordinating vendors, and posting notices. 


Profitable Rental Management

By outsourcing your property management, you can free up time to focus on your other things, most importantly, growing your real estate portfolio. Make sure to choose a highly qualified property management company like us that is reliable and considered a leader in terms of Seattle property management to make sure you are getting the most out of your money.


Strict Laws

Stakeholders of Real Estate in Seattle and property managers must follow and adhere to a set of strict rules. To prevent unqualified people who pose as property managers and misuse the booming the market, the local government established some strict laws to regulate the rental market. The laws mainly target the rights and interests of owners, tenants as well as property managers. Violation of any law can lead to a jail sentence or a heavy monetary penalty. Before starting your business or renting some property, you must educate yourself to understand and follow the rules which monitor the rental market in your area.


Qualified Individuals Only

Local authorities in Seattle are very strict about who they allow to be property managers in the city. As a result, the law demands that every property manager must be well-trained and qualify for the related testing before starting a career as a property manager. Local authorities will take away the license of those who fail to stick to this set of laws and rules.


Reputation is Important

Remember that your reputation is the foundation of being a successful property manager. Property owners in your area should try and collaborate with highly reputable real estate teams to handle their investments. The potential tenants come forward to occupy the property based on the reputation of property manager, knowing the high competition. So, it is important to search for the top-rated Seattle property management companies to attract possible future tenants.


High Rental Rates

As mentioned earlier, the competition for real estate and property management in Seattle is very high, and the prices of the properties in Seattle are always increasing. The properties are demanding high rental rates, which makes it important for you to price the property in such a way to maximize your returns. Windermere property management Seattle offers worry-free and high-quality service to any property owner that comes to us. Our experts will analyze the property market conditions and utilize strategies to find out the best rental rate for the property.


Handling Tasks and Responsibilities

Your property management company that you are collaborating should always leave you to stress-free by handling all of the tasks at hand. Some of the key responsibilities of a project management company in Seattle are screening tenants, collecting and depositing rent, repairs, renovations and filing tax forms. Make sure to choose a highly reputable and experienced property management team to handle all of your rental property needs and responsibilities.


Property Management Services

Below are the services offered by our property management team:


Rent Collection | We collect rent from your tenants with Online EFT or Credit Card options. 


Reduce Vacancy Time | Complete turn over of physical unit by our partner maintenance company with efficient advertising & marketing 


Routine Property Inspections | We perform routine inspections& report property condition monthly.


Leasing | Showing your vacant property to the potential tenants is necessary. But never miss a sale because you don't have the time to spare in showing the vacancies. Our top-rated property management company will have you feeling stress-free from this responsibility of showing vacancies to potential tenants.


Tenant Screening | This is a complicated one, and a single mistake in choosing the tenants can result in massive property damages. Make sure to always pre-qualify your tenants, as the owners have the right to protect their property. A professional property management team like us will always perform background checks and screenings to find you the best tenants possible.


Lease Agreement | Potential profit or loss depends on the lease. So, the agreement should be proper. Make sure that the contract protects the property owners from litigations.


Repairs & Maintenance | Our Property management company offers friendly 24-hour Emergency services and repair services.


In Conclusion

Picking the right choice among many Seattle property management companies may be difficult as some teams aren’t as trained as others. We make it easy by providing each of our clients with professional and outstanding customer service. At Fresh Look Real Estate, the key goal of our company is to protect your investment and handle all property management and real estate needs. Contact us today.  

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