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How to Research a New Area

4/16/19 10:22 AM / by Davey Wilde

Davey Wilde

One question I am asked very often is how to research a new area.   I always advise my clients to research neighborhoods or areas before beginning the home buying process.  I want my clients to feel confident they are buying a in a growing area to ensure future value of their asset; I want my clients children to attend a good school; And I want the whole family to access to recreation and commercial areas now and in the foreseeable future. 

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Researching Neighborhoods

Most research can be done online; You want to check out school ratings, parks, commercial areas, crime rates, and development plans. 

Once this initial research is complete, I strong advise my clients to go spend a day in the area.. actually go visit the area, pretend these are your new stomping grounds.  Can you see yourself living there for 2+ years? 

Many of my clients have found this to be a very enjoyable process, taking a weekend to spend in time in various neighborhoods, some they were not even considering before. 

By visiting a variety of areas, there is nothing to lose and only confidence to gain. 



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Davey Wilde

Written by Davey Wilde

Davey Wilde is one of the founding broker of Fresh Look Real Estate. He entered the real estate industry in full time in 2012; Davey serves as a licensed broker and is actively investing. Davey's clients are primarily investment minded homeowners, flippers and builders. His clients goals become his goals and he has worked in markets ranging from Marysville to Spanaway, while focusing himself primarily in North Seattle markets.