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Davey Wilde Talks about Working at Fresh Look Real Estate

1/14/19 5:45 PM / by Davey Wilde

Davey Wilde

I am often asked why I chose to work at Fresh Look Real Estate versus some of the other brokerages out there.  When I originally started in real estate, I was focused entirely my own Fix and Flip projects.  Fresh Look has a unique investor outlook which was the original appeal.

Davey Wilde Real Estate Broker Fresh Look Real Estate

From the investor services, Fresh Look has grown to include Property Management, 1st Time Buyer Representation, and Full Service Listing Programs.  Each of these areas of expertise gives the other a stronger ability to service our respective clients. 

For example, I helped develop the educational series titled "How to Buy Your First Home like an Investor

This series is specifically tailored to First Time Home Buyers who want to use this first purchase as a stepping stone to financial freedom.  We explore various models buyers can use to either start their rental portfolio or simply increase equity to ultimately buy your dream home. 





Fresh Look offers me and my clients personalized, tailored solutions that I just can't find at the bigger firms.  We've grown to include the retail services of buying a house or selling a house but maintain the creative, problem solving skills needed for the investment side.  Contact me directly or click here to Register for the course I put together with Fresh Look:

How to Buy Your First Home like an Investor

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Davey Wilde

Email  davey@freshlookre.com

Call/Text  253-740-5205

Website  www.freshlookre.com/davey-wilde


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Davey Wilde

Written by Davey Wilde

Davey Wilde is one of the founding broker of Fresh Look Real Estate. He entered the real estate industry in full time in 2012; Davey serves as a licensed broker and is actively investing. Davey's clients are primarily investment minded homeowners, flippers and builders. His clients goals become his goals and he has worked in markets ranging from Marysville to Spanaway, while focusing himself primarily in North Seattle markets.