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Curb Appeal to Sell your House Fast

4/11/17, 7:21 AM / by Markie Williams

Markie Williams

One of the final steps to preparing your house for sale is Curb Appeal. The exterior, front of the house is the first impression every buyer will get. If the curb appeal is lacking, buyers might just say, nevermind, lets go to the next house.  


This post is Tip # 8 in our Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House for Maximum Sales Price.


While you are making repairs to the the house, spend extra time on the exterior of the house, especially out front. In the replacements article, we discuss potential repairs and replacements to improve the curb appeal of your property, including replacing address lettering, exterior lighting, painting trim, front door, and garage door.  Here we'll discuss in depth additional tasks to emphasis curb appeal. 


Sidewalk and Curb 


Your sidewalks, walk ways, drive way and curb immediately in front your house should be clean. At very least, these items should be swept and free of litter throughout the listing period.  A good power washing goes a long way for curb appeal.  In addition, sweeping up any leaves, debris or other items out of the street gutter is going to give your house a cleaner, better curb appeal.


Entry Way


The entrance to the house, usually the front door, is the most important aspect of curb appeal. Entering the front door is the first physical experience potential buyers have with the property. single family house home orange and grey.pngUp to this point, everything has been visual. The front door itself should be clean, freshly painted, or replaced entirely if needed. The handle and lock should function perfectly.  Screen doors should be removed, while functionally they are nice, aesthetically they are not doing you any favors. The entire entry should be clean, free of cobwebs and debris.


Additional ways to really make the front entrance pop include installing a new porch light, door bell, and a new welcome mat.  Finally, a nice flower planter or hanging flower planter creates a welcoming, appealing look from the the street and upon entering. 




Of course, the front yard makes a huge impact on curb appeal. All grass should be well kept, mowed and edged prior to and throughout the listing period. Flower beds should be cleared of weeds, raked and new bark should be laid for maximum appeal. All bushes, trees, trees fresh look real estate.pngand hedges need to be trimmed and old, dead or dying plants should be removed. 


Hoses, garden tools, and any garden accessories should be minimized or at very least, cleaned off and stored in an organized fashion. Similarly to De-Personalizing and De-Cluttering the interior of the house, the yard and landscape should be de-cluttered and de-personalized. 


Fencing and Railings


single family house home grey and blue.pngThe fence surrounding the house, entrance gates, or any railing leading up to the house need to be clean and in good, working repairs. Old fencing panels should be replaced and if you've decided to power wash the driveway, go ahead and power wash the fence as well.  Chainlink fences should be spray painted black to give a new, fresh look.  If replacing the fence is not within in your budget, talk with your broker about potentially having the fence removed, depending on its condition and whether or not its a sellable feature of the house. 

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Markie Williams

Written by Markie Williams

Markie Williams is Fresh Look's In-House Listing Specialist. She has been representing sellers by taking the lead on Preparing Homes for Sale, Marketing the Home with websites, videos, and traditional print material. Markie is available to the Fresh Look team to assist with listings & is a fantastic resource to anyone thinking about selling their home!