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The Equity Growth Trifecta

6/9/19 11:31 AM / by Davey Wilde posted in Buy, real estate, seattle, Fresh look real estate, Davey Wilde


My clients often express they ultimately want to become Real Estate investors, usually alluding to an undefined future date once they can afford it.   Many people think they cannot start investing until they have the 25% down payment saved, but this couldn't be further from the truth!
My goal is to help my clients see their home, their primary residence, as a stepping stone to start building the real estate portfolio NOW!
Buyers that want to take this route, I call "Investment Minded Buyers." Does this describe you?
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How to Buy Your First Home like an Investor

8/6/18 8:01 AM / by Davey Wilde posted in Real Estate Trends, Buy, real estate, seattle, seattle real estate, Fresh look real estate, Davey Wilde


Deciding to purchase your first home is major decision.  Fresh Look is an investment minded real estate firm, that means we help buyers identify a home that will help them achieve their financial goals in addition to providing shelter from the elements.

We are not in the business of selling you the dream of home ownership.  In our view, their is little romance involved in home ownership.  This is a major financial transaction, one that can greatly increase (or decrease) your families net worth. 

If you want a broker to help you identify an investment worthy home, keep reading.  If you want the highest priced home, in perfect condition, in the best neighborhood, please call a big box firm. 

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