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Purchasing a home is usually the best move for most families, not just any house will do.  Fresh Look takes pride in guiding buyers toward a purchase that will gain equity and appreciation over the years, offer more than one exit opportunity, and not put our clients at financial risk in the meantime.
There are 2 primary strategies to build wealth by living in the property you own.  The first is traditional home ownership, Fresh Look Broker's help buyers find a property that has upside potential.  We want our clients to view their investment with a long term, financial outlook.
The second is called House Hacking.  House hacking is basically purchasing a 1 to 4 unit property with low down payment program with the intention to keep this property as a rental long term. 


Selling your property is a big decision with many options to consider. Fresh Look is unlike any other real estate firm as we are able to help you analyze your property from multiple perspectives to achieve your goals.  The first step is contacting our office for a free, no obligation pricing analysis (produced by a real estate professional, not a online estimator). 
If you are in a hurry and would prefer an offer on your property in the next 48 hours, Fresh Look is able to present you an all cash offer to close on your timeline. 

Fresh Look offers all the services of a traditional brokerage firm with an investor's heart (and mindset).  Our company actively sources off market buy & hold as well as fix & flip opportunities.  We also offer property management services to a select group of active investors. 
Seasoned investors may prefer to skip the monthly meetings and just sign up for Fresh Look Buyer's List here or Fresh Look Property Management Services.

Fresh Look attracts 2 types of brokers.  The first type are active investors who decide to get licensed and need an investor friendly firm.  These people are actively wholesaling, flipping, and/or buying rentals. They see the potential to convert more deals with a license.
The second type are current brokers who are either learning, or desire to learn, the investor side of the business.  Most firm's are not teaching and/or not supporting their broker's building their investment portfolio's. Most firms do not teach both the retail and the investor side of real estate.
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