What is different about Fresh Look Real Estate brokerage?

We believe in shaping buyers', sellers' and investors' experience by providing support for the success of real estate broker’s brand through the 3 P’s – People, Processes, and Places.  


People -- Our belief and culture are centered around the principle that the purchase and sale of real estate is a financial investment focused on long-term relationships. Each branch is capped at 50 real estate brokers to ensure the leadership team, support, culture, and processes does not dilute the experience and client service we provide to you and you in turn provide to your clients.  


Processes – through the use of tested and proven processes as well as  automation, we are able to free up your time to focus on what you love to do most – connecting with your clients.  And, unlike the big box brokerage firms, we listen and respond to your concerns. We are nimble and can adapt our processes to your changing demands and those from the marketplace.  


Places -- The location of our branches have been strategically selected to match the areas of highest demand and growth potential.  Your clients may be geographically dispersed but you have access to any of our offices regardless of which branch you call “home base”.  

Our Promise To Our Brokers

  • An on-boarding process that sets you up for success with a 30-60-90 Day Plan.
    • First 30 Days – Set up your business
    • 31-60 DaysSet up your marketing
    • 61-90 Days Start selling
  • Our technology – CRM (customer relationship management) system and CMS (content management system) system.
  • Access to drip campaigns, social media ads, and template content that you can adapt with your brand.
  • No demands to join associations – we won’t ask you to join any real estate associations, except for those required by the state.
  • Fair splits – 80/20 % splits with a cap.
  • Education and complimentary coaching. 
  • Access to all 4 branch locations – Bellevue, and coming soon Federal Way, Tacoma, & Everett. 
  • Business and Financial Planning.