Buy, Renovate, Re-Sell, Repeat

Real Estate investing is the most available, easy to understand technique for creating and building wealth. On our other pages, we outline how owning your own home creates equity based wealth.  We've also outlined another owner occupant strategy called house hacking, where you live in 1 unit of 1 to 4 unit property while renting the others.  Finally, we've outlined the tried and true conventional real estate investing.All of these strategies are viable, proven, and widely available. They are also long term approaches.  


This page is for those of you who want to Fix & Flip real estate for a much quicker profit. This is a straight forward money making model - buy a house that needs work, have that work completed, and re-sell the property for more than you bought and put into it.   Simple, right?


I've often compared flipping real estate to the game, golf.  Very simple to understand, very difficult to execute.  There are many components to flipping real estate and stakes are high.  Many would be investors start with unrealistic expectations only to find themselves unprofitable, or worse negative $40,000! 

All people are self-made. Only successful people


admit it. 

Taking the time to properly educate yourself on the process, understand common mistakes and pitfalls, and connect with others who are successful in the field is essential.  Would you learn to golf on an 18 hole course, or prefer a few lessons at the driving range? 

Fix & Flip Investing

Fresh Look Real Estate's partner company, Fresh Look Homes LLC, started flipping houses in 2015.  This has allowed us to offer sellers a guarantee to buy their house if we fail to sell it.  While our price is rarely the best price, the guarantee is valid and assures our clients of a sale. Of course, we train Fresh Brokers to offer the same level of creative problem solving for their clients, and everyone wins!

Over the years, we've outlined 6 Key Processes for Profitable Flipping:

Lead Generation

This means creating a steady stream of deals to consider purchasing.  You want to look at A LOT of deals before making your first purchase, and you'll continue looking at lot of deals as you evolve as a fix and flipper.  Lead Generation involves searching the MLS, networking with wholesalers and invested minded real estate firms, such as Fresh Look.  (You can Join Fresh Look Buyer's List here).  You can also set up direct mail, online, or other advertising campaigns to get sellers to contact you directly. 

Lead Processing & Deal Analysis

As leads come in, you need a system to obtain necessary information, analyze the potential investment, and follow up with an offer.  I would argue deal analysis is the most important phase. In other words, choosing what deal to execute and what deals to pass. 

Making Offers

If you use a broker to represent you, your broker can suggest terms of your offer to secure the deal, but as an investor, you need to understand the components of a real estate purchase so you understand what makes a competitive offer.  Making, presenting and negotiating the purchase is vital to flipping success.  


Financing fix and flip projects comes in various forms.  Typically, the projects cannot be financed through conventional financing because the property is in such disrepair.  This leaves 3 general options:

  1. Cash  You happen to have enough to purchase the property and cover the carrying & construction costs.  Most people DO NOT fall into this category.  
  2. Hard Money  Hard money lenders offer short term, high interest loans.  Every lender offer different terms.
  3. Private Money Borrowing other people's money to purchase, carry, and renovate the property. 

Of course, raising the capital to fund your projects is vital.  You can generate as many leads as you want, make 1000s of offers, but if you can't close, you can't do the deal. 


This part is highly commercialized.  While the entire flipping process takes an average of 6 months, construction typically takes 6-12 weeks, depending on the scope of work.  During the construction phase, you are making all the configuration and design decisions.  You will need to determine what is worth spending on and what should be left out.  What will the end buyer appreciate the most?  Your contractor and real estate broker can help you, but ultimately you must make all final decisions. 

Pre-Sale & Listing

Once construction is complete, you'll prep the house for sale including final cleaning, staging, photographer, creating marketing materials & finally listing the house for sale.   A good listing broker will assist with this phase, but again, as the investor, you will want to understand the process and make all final decisions.  Finally, the property will be listed for sale.  You will receive offers from buyers and you will negotiate the sale of your property.  



1. Create a business plan + Stick to your plan. 

2. Buy with the end in mind. 

Your business plan will depend entirely on your current financial situation.  Do you have funds to purchase property or will you need to be more creative? 




Real Estate Investing is a tried and true method to create financial freedom.  We are your local resource for investing in the Greater Seattle region.  Download our free ebook - House Flipping Do's & Don'ts - for a Fresh Look at your house flipping process.

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